Meet the opa team

Thank you for visiting the Opa Designs website!
As the founder and owner of Opa Designs jewellery, I welcome you to my creative abode. A Sydney born girl living in Bondi, I embarked on a journey which has taken me to here and now.
Thank you for the opportunity for me to share my opa team with you.

I have always believed that you must seize every opportunity, have no regrets, be grateful for what you have and love all that is around you.

Dimmy MormanisDimmy Mormanis – owner /creater

Below are my beautiful opa girls. They assist in the everyday running of our pop up stores, showroom and website.

Julie Elchaar – warehouse assistance

Renee Mormanis – sales assistant

Bella Tsavdaridis – part time sales assistant


Dimmy xox